Augmented Reality.

Bring the Electric Line-Up to life on your smartphone.

With augmented reality, you can experience the drives of the Electric Line-Up in a unique way in your familiar surroundings. All you have to do is click on one of the links below. After the click, the Rosenbauer AR application opens after a short loading time, with a further tap of your finger on "View in your Space" you can experience the respective vehicle drives in digital form on your display with an analogue background. With a simple click on the 3D model, you can move it, zoom in or place the model directly on a Rosenbauer vehicle.

Have fun discovering! *

PANTHER electric

Discover the electric drive of the PANTHER electric up close!


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AT electric

Get to know the electric drive of the proven municipal vehicle!

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L32A-XS electric

Experience the world's first turntable ladder on a fully electric serial chassis!


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Bring the electric drive of the revolutionary e-vehicle to life!


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* Attention: Older smartphones, tablets or other end devices may have display problems.