What we launch will change the industry.

Our innovations revolutionise the industry of fire and disaster prevention.
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The RT. From scratch.

For that moment,
when outstanding technology is
the critical factor.

REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY. Made with one goal in mind: to bring the
future of fire-fighting technology onto today’s roads.

RT Revolutionary Technology

The AT

For that moment,
when technology
needs to be proven,
but also pioneering.

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY. The most innovative and advanced firefighting and rescue vehicle superstructures in the world.

AT Advanced Technology


For that moment,
when technology
has to be tough
and versatile.

MODULAR TECHNOLOGY. Delivering performance, versatility and optimum customization.

MT Modular Technology

CT Frame

For that moment,
when technology needs to be powerful and come in
a small package.

COMPACT TECHNOLOGY. Designed to provide secure access to the tightest of spaces.

CT Compact Technology


For that moment,
when you need
top performance
from the bottom up.

ALL ROUTES: Designed to enable rapid progress on low-clearance access routes and in constricted emergency sites.

L32A-XS flat aerial ladder

Online Product Days

When: 3 - 4 March 2021
Where: Virtual Rosenbauer World

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When: 22 - 25 June 2022
Where: Hannover Exhibition Centre

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Experience the revolution of an industry – simply online. The Rosenbauer ONLINE PRODUCT DAYS offer the opportunity to discover our world innovations in a virtual tour. Everything worth knowing and interesting is clearly presented for you.

Start a new era together with us – from 3rd to 4th March 2021.

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More than the launch of new products:
this is the beginning of a new era.

As the demands of fire and disaster prevention continues to grow, so does our commitment to innovation.

Rosenbauer has a track record of changing the future. And as a world leader in technology and innovation, we’ve already revolutionised the market on more than one occasion - and we’re ready to do it again thanks to our groundbreaking new products.

Join us in this new era and discover how the future of firefighting operations will change for the better.

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