BOROS fire fighting boots

For that moment,
when the highest level
of safety is required
at every step.

STRONG PERFORMANCE. Designed to help you advance safely in all conditions.

BOROS fire fighting boots

Practical in design.
Reliable in use.

Firefighters walk through fire and water and over rubble and scree, withstanding freezing cold and blazing heat — and their boots must protect them in any of these situations, often for hours at a time. Reliable protection, utmost stability and robustness are essential, in addition to boots that are lightweight, comfortable and practical. This is why the EN 15090 certified BOROS B1 pull-on boots and BOROS B4 with Rosenbauer quick release fastener boots meet the diverse requirements and individual needs of firefighters in the field.

The BOROS fire fighting boots are certified according to EN 15090 F2A HI3 CI AN SRC and EN 61340-4-3.


Easy to pull on.
Immediate protection.

Always available.

Around the world, pull-on boots are a durable and proven key item in a firefighter’s protective equipment.

Always available

Simple pull-on system.

In addition to the speed at which you can put on and take off the boots, the system offers further advantages with its characteristic low weight and easy cleaning.

Simple pull-on system

Optimal freedom of movement.

The flex zone around the instep and ankle area ensures great freedom of movement in every situation.

Optimal freedom of movement

Quick fastener.
Maximum comfort.

Revolutionary closure system.

The Rosenbauer quick-release fastener combines the advantages of all known types of fastener: simple operation, individual adjustability, and you can take the boot on and off rapidly

Revolutionary closure system

The perfect fit in seconds.

Once adjusted, the BOROS B4 can be opened and closed in seconds. Because – with a single pull on the strap – the boot fits the foot perfectly and can be released with just one click of a central buckle.

The perfect fit in seconds

Even more mobility.

The special flex zone in the ankle area allows for natural flexing movements, while the foot remains protected, e.g. from buckling on uneven terrain.

Even more mobility

Convincing performance.
Well-reasoned efficiency.

The sole of a boot determines its functionality and usability. This is because only grippy, profiled soles offer enough grip and sufficient hold, irrespective of the surface. When it comes to firefighting operations, another factor is that the sole of the boot must function in all temperature ranges.

Together with renowned tire manufacturer Michelin, a sole was exclusively developed to meet all these requirements. It is non-slip and sturdy in every situation, as well as resistant to oil, petrol and most acids. The antistatic rubber compound prevents sparking and provides decisive protection in potentially explosive areas.

BOROS. The new
generation of boots
from Rosenbauer.

For the moment,
when movement is key.

In developing the BOROS fire fighting boots, we focused on maximum freedom of movement in combination with optimal protection levels. Our goal was to develop the right footwear for every firefighter, while meeting the specific requirements of today's fire brigades.
Karl Reiter, Product Manager Personal Protective Equipment
Karl Reiter, Product Manager Personal Protective Equipment

BOROS fire fighting boots:
designed for maximum safety.
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BOROS fire fighting boots

BOROS fire fighting boots

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