GAROS G10 protective suit

For that moment,
when wildfires
require peak
physical performance.

HEAT-RESISTANT PROTECTIVE SUIT. Made for even the most grueling outdoor conditions.

GAROS G10 protective suit

Beats the heat.
Protects your body.

Wildfires are no longer a rarity and are being widely fueled by increasingly extreme weather conditions. The GAROS G10 protective suit was developed specifically for these operational scenarios – or rather, the two GAROS G10 suits: the GAROS G10 for forest and wildfires, and the GAROS G10 TR (technical rescue) additionally suitable for technical rescue operations in hot weather. The single-layer design ensures maximum wearing comfort – even in high outdoor temperatures and peak physical exertion. The heat-resistant suit is available in two versions, both of which offer protection for emergency crews who have to endure long hours working at full capacity at high temperatures.

Easy to wear.
Hard to beat.

Low weight, high strength.

The single-layer blend of aramid, viscose and other fibers delivers two powerful benefits: low weight and efficient dissipation of body heat through the thin layer of fabric.

Low weight, high strength

More breathability – several times over.

The absence of a waterproof layer and the lightweight material design increase vapor permeability by a factor of more than 4 compared to waterproof fire suits.

More breathability – several times over

Fits like a second skin.

The GAROS G10 protective suit is available in a range of finely graded sizes, making it optimally suited to every physique. All jackets from sizes 40-42 to 68-70 are available in double sizes, while pants are available in single sizes from 40 to 70.

Fits like a second skin

One protective suit.
Two versions.

Designed for wildfires.

With its ultra-light weight, maximum heat and moisture dissipation, and optimal freedom of movement, the single-color GAROS G10 is an unbeatable choice for outdoor use in high temperatures.

Designed for wildland fires

For wildfires and technical rescue operations.

The GAROS G10 TR version for technical rescue operations offers a higher degree of passive safety for the rescue worker thanks to its dual-color design: the yellow areas on the shoulders and knees provide better visibility.

For wildland fires and technical rescue operations

Variants with a wide range of extra features.

The GAROS G10 protective suit (single-color wildfire) and the GAROS G10 TR (dual-color wildfire and technical rescue operation version) are both available in either basic or premium models. Premium models offer additional features such as adjustable collar and leg width, a back pocket, belt loop, knife pocket and much more.

Variants with a wide range of extra features

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For that moment,
when you need to keep your cool
when temperatures are high.

Our mission is to provide firefighters with the best possible support in the field – even more so at a time when extreme weather events are becoming increasingly frequent. This is where our GAROS G10 protective suit comes into its own. Combining flawless protection with supreme comfort – it’s the perfect solution for when you need to work long hours in hot conditions!
Philipp Mayr, Product Manager Personal Protective Equipment
Philipp Mayr, Product Manager Personal Protective Equipment

Designed for grueling outdoor conditions: our GAROS G10 protective suit. Find out more!

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GAROS G10 protective suit

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