GAROS G30 protective suit

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GAROS G30 protective suit

Maximum comfort.
Unrestricted freedom of movement.

Emergency crews give a hundred percent to save others, working tirelessly in all weathers, day and night. Fitted with premium quality materials, the noticeably lightweight GAROS G30 protective suit is an emergency response essential, especially for technical rescue missions. The smart temperature regulation features combined with the ergonomic fit and design elements of the premium FIRE FLEX fire suit make the GAROS G30 the perfect protective clothing for all challenging operations, except indoor firefighting.

From maximum wearing comfort to optimum freedom of movement – with its wide range of benefits, the EN 343-certified protective suit is an absolute must-have for long technical rescue operations.

Ergonomic design.
Practical implementation.

Perfect comfort.

Ergonomic and lightweight: the innovative design of the GAROS G30 enhances both the wearer’s freedom of movement and wearing comfort. This significantly improves the rescue team’s performance during emergency operations, as it makes them more agile and safer at the scene.

Perfect comfort

Powerful design concept.

A breathable membrane, a moisture barrier made of flame-retardant para-aramid fabric, and waterproof and windproof attachments – these high-grade materials mean that the protective suit can be used efficiently regardless of weather or operating conditions.

Powerful design concept

Optimum size adjustment.

With a range of customizable sizes – from jacket double sizes ranging from 40-42 to 68-70 to pants single sizes from 40 to 70 – GAROS G30 caters to every body type and requirement.

Optimum size adjustment

One protective suit.
Many useful features.

Tough and durable.

Highly durable and exceptionally temperature-resistant: the NOMEX® NXT outer material made of aramid fiber with long-lasting moisture and dirt repellent impregnation protects rescue workers for many years of demanding operations.

Simply and effective.

Rain and firefighting water don’t stand a chance against this protective suit thanks to its waterproof, breathable membrane. It is also vapor permeable and wicks moisture away from the body immediately for maximum comfort.

Lightweight design, strong performance.

With its lightweight inner lining made of aramid-viscose blend fabric, the GAROS G30 provides powerful heat protection in line with protection level X1. The temperature is thus effectively dissipated, making GAROS G30 perfect for operations involving intense physical exertion and high outdoor temperatures.


For that moment
when freedom of movement
is crucial.

Our goal was to bring a powerful protective suit to the market, designed to help firefighters during technical rescue operations. So we took some of the unique features of the FIRE FLEX, such as the ergocut and segmented reflective stripes, and combined them with top quality materials. The result is a lightweight protective suit with outstanding wearer comfort that meets both our high standards and the diverse requirements of emergency personnel.
Philipp Mayr, Product Manager Personal Protective Equipment
Philipp Mayr, Product Manager Personal Protective Equipment

Made for maximum freedom of movement: our GAROS G30 protective suit. Find out more!

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GAROS G30 protective suit

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