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LOGISTICAL OPERATIONS. Designed for flexible use in urban and industrial areas.

GW-L Volvo FL Electric

Innovative drive system.
Tried and tested concept.

The world's first fire truck with a logistics body in the 16 t weight class with a fully electric drive – we present the new Volvo FL electric logistics equipment carrier. Perfectly adapted to provide you with everything you need for the job quickly and flexibly, e.g. in urban areas or on factory sites with short travel distances. With its own workshop compartment, a convenient tail lift and equipped with roll-on/roll-off containers, the equipment carrier can be specially fitted out for each individual job. Our new logistics carrier will then make its way to the emergency scene quickly, in almost complete silence, and with zero emissions. The perfect combination of efficiency and sustainability.


Simply reliable.
Versatile in use.

A powerful comprehensive package.

Fitted with a logistics body and roll-on/roll-off containers, this fire truck offers maximum flexibility in on-scene supply logistics. The electric drive system provides sufficient power and generates zero harmful emissions.

A powerful comprehensive package

A fully electric drive.

The new logistics equipment carrier is powered by a compact electric motor with 130 kW continuous output and up to 180 kW peak power. The 2-speed transmission with maximum torque in first gear also facilitates easy starting in steep terrains.

A fully electric drive

A mobile workshop.

In addition to a spacious cargo area and two equipment compartments, the new logistics carrier has its own workshop compartment with a worktop. It is accessed through a side door with an extendable ladder and has a height of 2.1 m, allowing crew members to stand upright.

A mobile workshop

Spacious cargo area.

The logistics compartment has two fixed shelves and four standard roll-on/roll-off containers. These are secured by means of a special rail system with a locking device. The logistics equipment carrier is loaded and unloaded via a tail lift with a load capacity of 1,500 kg.

Spacious cargo area

Flexibly equipped.

Roll-on/roll-off containers provide a high degree of flexibility. The sturdy frame construction made from anodized aluminum profiles allows the individual containers to be loaded with a total weight of up to 700 kg.

Flexibly equipped

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With this fire truck, Rosenbauer has combined the latest developments on the truck market with a universal and field-proven vehicle concept to provide fire departments with the perfect vehicle for tomorrow's fire-fighting operations.
Matthias Reisinger, Product Manager Industrial and Special Trucks
Matthias Reisinger, Product Manager Industrial and Special Trucks

Designed for the logistics of the future: our Volvo FL electric logistics equipment carrier. Find out more!

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