For that moment,
when you need top functionality
in the smallest space.

COMPACT ACTION SCOPE. Because sometimes you need to be able to help people out of a tight spot.

L27 Turntable ladder

Different requirements.
Diverse options.

The newly developed L27A-XSC aerial ladder with its 5-piece ladder set and tilting cage boom scores high thanks to its compact design. This enables smooth rescue operations in even the most cramped conditions. Flexible set-up options and a compact action radius provide easy access to any location. The newly developed aerial ladder, certified in accordance with EN 14043, is also a winner in terms of payload and safety.


Universal application.
Maximum safety.

Securing & indirect rescue operations.

The aerial ladder can be used as an anchoring point during abseiling operations, or when rescuing a person from a shaft. It can also be used to secure people working on a roof.

Securing & indirect rescue operations

Optimally secured.

We have revised our safety concept and added up to 18 more anchor points to the new aerial ladder. Each anchor point is EN 795 certified. This means that they can carry one person or up to 500kg. The ladders are also fitted with additional equipment sets, or modules, which have been adapted and optimized for these applications.

Optimally secured

New safety feature inside the cage.

Securing rescue workers with fall protection devices. These allow an extended working radius of up to 2.80m and enable rescue workers to work outside the cage while remaining fully secured.

New safety feature inside the cage

High altitudes, high quality equipment.

The new fall protection devices can be permanently stored in the cage to ensure that they are always at hand when you need them.

High altitudes, high quality equipment

An eye for safety

The rescue cage is fitted with eyelets, which can be combined with the new backup module to secure up to 2 people beneath the cage, thus extending your radius of action even further. Please note that one eyelet and one module are required per person!

An eye for safety

For that moment,
when you're in a tight spot.

The goal of the new L27A-XSC was to combine the small aerial ladders with the tried and tested XS principle, thus creating a vehicle that is perfectly designed for use in the narrow roads of historic town centers.
Julia Tilp, Head of Product Management Aerial ladders
Julia Tilp, Head of Product Management Aerial ladders

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