RDS Connected Command App

For that moment,
when you need everything
to happen quickly – while maintaining an overview.

OPTIMAL SUPPORT. Because when help is urgently required, everything has to run smoothly.

RDS Connected Command App

Quick alerting.
Perfect coordination.

Fire departments and other emergency services can rely on the RDS Connected Command app. It’s a valuable tool, especially on the job. The app provides optimal support, from alerting, situation management, and organization to communication between different parties, including sharing key details of the operation and map and contact information. Events and training sessions can also be scheduled in an instant via the RDS Connected Command app.

Simple to use.
Extensive options.

Planning & communication made easy.

The app guarantees straightforward planning and efficient communication with the whole crew or specific groups, whether you're coordinating assignments, training sessions or events.

Planning & communication made easy

Automatic alerting, perfect documentation.

Alerts are created automatically, including all the key details of the operation, and alerting the people required, live tracking, and status updates. The app also supports documentation and logging.

Automatic alerting, perfect documentation

Rapid organization.

The clearly arranged event calendar allows you to keep an eye on the planning of training courses and events. All of the organizational tasks are focused in one place and facilitated via participant lists in the app and in chats.

Rapid organization

Always up to date.

Individual and group chats facilitate day-to-day communication and keep the entire team up to date.

Always up to date

Targeted information.

Information on infrastructure in the entire deployment area and a map showing the locations of co-workers facilitate optimal preparation. The integrated address book contains contact information for the entire team and key people.

Targeted information

Who can do what.

Making use of specific skills and deploying them in an optimal way isn't just efficient – it's crucial. The app allows you to assign skills and thus deploy them precisely where they’re needed.

Who can do what

Classification according to availability.

Members can use the app to confirm their presence on site as well as to report delays. Combining this feature with skill assignments allows allocations to be made as efficiently as possible.

Classification according to availability

Premium features.
Thoughtful upgrades.

Alerting via the Cloud.

Users connect to the app via REST-API. Connection via TCP/IP, SOAP, FTP or email is also available on request. Automatic alerting during deployments via RDS Connected Command Cloud.

Alerting via the Cloud

A detailed picture of the team’s skills.

An expanded skill set enables configuring up to 64 individual skills for solution-oriented deployment planning.

A detailed picture of the team’s skills

Optimal information management.

Coming soon: even better preparation and planning with document and image management for map POIs.

Optimal information management

For that moment,
when it really matters –
fast, reliable, easy to use.

In challenging situations, firefighters can rely on the RDS Connected Command app. Its speed, reliability and simplicity provide dependable support when it matters most.
Johannes Gschwendtner, Head of Development, Digital Solutions & Product Manager for the Connected Command App
Johannes Gschwendtner, Head of Development, Digital Solutions & Product Manager for the Connected Command App

Made for moments that matter: the RDS Connected Command app. Find out more!

RDS Connected Command

RDS Connected Command App

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