RDS Connected Fleet

For that moment,
when reliability
isn't just important –
it's essential.

DIGITAL STRATEGY: Optimized operations, thanks to perfectly networked fleet management.

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A single system.
A comprehensive overview.

Rosenbauer presents RDS Connected Fleet, an information system that provides a perfect overview of the entire vehicle fleet. It allows fleet managers to check each application and all the components installed in an emergency vehicle. The system collects and processes all the necessary information, which is then automatically transmitted to the fleet manager in charge. When the system detects a fault, the manager is alerted immediately. In this way, RDS Connected Fleet ensures that the vehicles are fully operational, reduces repair costs and helps fleet managers to keep an eye on the overall condition of their vehicles, particularly in the case of larger fleets. The new solution is available for new vehicles but can also be easily retrofitted to older vehicles and non-Rosenbauer vehicles.


Real benefits thanks
to digital solutions.

Strict security standards.

Like all Rosenbauer digital solutions, RDS Connected Fleet uses secure data centers and cloud services to guarantee secure communications with the Rosenbauer data center via encrypted channels.

Strict security standards

Live Position.

Live Position for efficient operational planning. Live Position can be used to track vehicle movements and the current status of operating resources with the utmost precision. This also makes the system the perfect theft-prevention tool.


A digital future.

Digital solutions are essential for our day-to-day working routine. RDS Connected Fleet opens the door to the digital world, for example via the logbook and many other developments.

A digital future

Optimized vehicle management.

RDS Connected Fleet collects and processes all the relevant information. The system helps you manage your entire fleet by providing regular messages and reports.

Optimized vehicle management

For that moment
when you need fully
operational vehicles!

To ensure that the fire-fighting vehicle is operational, triggers for malfunctions must be detected and eliminated as quickly as possible. Connected Fleet provides the perfect solution to this.
Stefan Friedl, Product Manager Digital Solutions
Stefan Friedl, Product Manager Digital Solutions

Made to connect your fleet to the digital world: RDS Connected Fleet. Find out more!

RDS Connected Fleet
Fleet Management

RDS Connected Fleet Management

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