RFC Battery extinguishing system

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when new technology
requires efficient extinguishing methods.

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RFC Battery extinguishing system

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The battery of an electric vehicle represents a separate and new ignition source, which poses new challenges to emergency services due to its unique fire behavior. One way to cool burning high-voltage batteries based on lithium-ion technology is to cool them from within. The battery extinguishing system is driven into the battery housing and transports the extinguishing water directly into the interior of the battery. This reduces the time emergency services must spend at the hazardous site to the minimum. The extinguisher’s piercing nozzle penetrates the battery from a safe distance, efficiently extinguishing the fire and reducing the spread of smoke gases.

Safe application.
Efficient performance.

Safe in application.

The system is activated via the control unit at a sufficient distance from the vehicle – approx. eight meters. The piercing nozzle is driven into the battery and transports the extinguishing water into the battery. This reduces the time spent at the hazardous site and in the smoke.

Safe in application

Efficient in performance.

Direct cooling of the battery modules reduces water consumption and quickly stops the chain reaction of thermal runaway of the cells.

Efficient in performance

Quick to use.

Depending on the situation, the RFC battery extinguishing system can be positioned on the vehicle in less than a minute, enabling the cells to be cooled directly and quickly.

Quick to use

For that moment,
when performance, safety and mobility are critical.

With the Rosenbauer battery extinguishing system, cooling can quickly and safely stop the thermal runaway of cells in the battery. Only a few hundred liters of water are needed and smoke is reduced to a minimum.
Roland Weber, Product Manager Extinguishing Systems
Roland Weber, Product Manager Extinguishing Systems

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Made for safe cooling and extinguishing: our battery extinguishing system.
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