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compact extinguishing

COMPRESSED AIR FOAM SYSTEM: Designed to optimally equip new or existing fire engines.


Mobile application.
Versatile use.

For oprational tactical reasons, increasing numbers of fire brigades want to use compressed air foam. Where possible, the vehicle fleet should be quickly and easily equipped with it, which is exactly the solution provided by the newly developed RFC CAFS Cube. The mobile compressed air foam system can either be permanently installed in existing or new fire engines or be designed as a mobile solution.


Simple to retrofit.
Practical to use.

Versatile and functional.

In addition to the features of a portable fire pump, the CAFS Cube can generate a water foam solution compound or wet or dry compressed air foam by using one of the two pressure outlets.

Versatile and functional

Optimum delivery power.

The CAFS Cube can deliver 800 l/min in water mode at 10 bar pressure, 600 l/min in foam mode at 6 bar, and 400 l/min in CAFS mode at 6 bar. The last corresponds to 1,600 l of compressed air foam per minute.

Optimum delivery power

Standard-compliant measurements.

Thanks to the compact dimension, the CAFS Cube can be installed wherever portable fire pumps are used.

Standard-compliant measurements

Intuitive operation.

Using the LCS Compact for electrical operation fits Rosenbauer’s simple and intuitive operating philosophy.

Intuitive operation

For that moment,
when the right extinguishing agent
is crucial.

The RFC CAFS Cube allows us to close a gap in our product portfolio: we can now easily and cost-effectively equip existing or new fire engines with a compressed air foam system and upgrade their operational tactics.
Peter Kratochwill, Product Manager Extinguishing Systems
Peter Kratochwill, Product Manager Extinguishing Systems

The standalone compressed air foam system.

The RFC CAFS Cube:
designed for efficient retrofitting.
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Compressed Air Foam System


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