For that moment,
when you need
flexibility and
the greatest security.

FLEXIBLE OPERATION. Because emergency responders face new challenges in every fire.

RFC Cuttex Cutting Extinguisher System

Supplementary development.
Decisive performance.

The new RFC CUTTEX cutting extinguisher system enhances our current portfolio of extinguishing systems. An additional water jet cutting feature makes the new system even more unique. This new step in high-pressure extinguishing technology allows firefighters to cut through materials like wood, metal, brick and concrete. This opens up new applications that make extinguishing fires even safer. Because the new cutting extinguisher allows firefighters to effectively extinguish fires without having to enter the burning area during the first phase. This means they can operate safely even in challenging situations, such as fires in silos, ventilation systems, or suspended ceilings.


Respond flexibly.
Act decisively.

Easy to use.

The RFC CUTTEX is available as a built-in feature for fire engines, or as a mobile system. Both options are based on ease of handling: The RFC CUTTEX is ready to use with the push of a button. The throwing range of the CUTTEX XL is more than 30 meters outside.

Easy to use

Extreme flexibility.

The new cutting extinguisher system uses a 60 to 120m long hose. This allows a maximum effective range of 240m so firefighters can react flexibly when in action.

Extreme flexibility

Optional feature.

The RFC CUTTEX is based on Rosenbauer's proven, UHPS high-pressure extinguishing system. Firefighters can easily disable the cutting feature without tools when it is not needed. The RFC CUTTEX can then be used as a normal high-pressure extinguishing system.

RFC Cuttex Cutting Extinguisher System

Fully integrated system.

Rosenbauer's operating philosophy encompasses everything from the central operational interfaces to the symbols used on the different elements. So fire engines and extinguishing systems merge into a seamless solution.

Fully integrated system

For that moment,
when safety and ease of use
make the difference in firefighting.

Firefighting challenges fire departments around the world in many ways. The new CUTTEX cutting extinguisher system supplements Rosenbauer's comprehensive portfolio of extinguishing technologies with a new system that offers brand new possibilities in the field of firefighting.
Roland Weber, Product Manager Firefighting Components
Roland Weber, Product Manager Firefighting Components

Created for powerful flexibility: our RFC CUTTEX cutting extinguisher system. Learn more!

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