RFC POLY Extinguishing Systems

For that moment,
when performance not only has to be strong -
but efficient.

EFFICIENT OPERATION. Designed for rapid intervention for small or incipient fires.

RFC POLY Extinguishing Systems

New design.
Proven effectiveness.

The RFC POLY extinguishing systems have been optimized for improved ergonomics and functionality. They are fitted with CAFS technology and are instantly ready for use and highly effective. As portable or mobile units, they combine high performance, compactness and versatility. The fire extinguishers are energy self-sufficient, making them the perfect tool for small and incipient fires. Skid modules, which can also be installed in vehicles, guarantee maximum flexibility.

Top performance.
Amazing versatility.

Power-packed portability.
RFC POLY Portex SL10.

The portable RFC POLY Portex CAFS fire extinguisher is as compact as a conventional fire extinguisher or stirrup pump, but surpasses their extinguishing capacity many times over. Its sophisticated ergonomic design enables easy operation even when wearing protective gloves. 55 seconds of maximum power – when you need rapid, targeted intervention.

RFC POLY Portex SL10

Top performance on two wheels.
RFC POLY Trolley SL50.

Equipped with two large, robust wheels, the RFC POLY Trolley CAFS fire extinguisher can be transported effortlessly over long distances. Whether mounted in a fire truck or used in stationary fire protection: 87 seconds of maximum efficiency – when you need to move fast.

RFC POLY Trolley SL50

Compact flexibility.
RFC POLY Skid Module SL50 – 300.

Flexible fire fighting – thanks to the CAFS extinguishing system range. A wide variety of options are available. Whether mounted on mobile equipment carriers or pull-outs or permanently installed in the vehicle: 474 seconds of universally deployable power – when you need to be able to respond flexibly.

RFC POLY Skid Modul SL50 – 300

For that moment,
when you need top performance,
functionality & ergonomics.

“With our new generation of POLY extinguishing systems, we have comprehensively revised the product design and taken functionality and ergonomics to a new level.”
Peter Kratochwill, Product Manager Extinguishing Systems

RFC POLY extinguishing systems

RFC POLY extinguishing systems

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