The RT. From scratch.

For that moment,
when outstanding technology is the critical factor.

REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY. Made with one goal in mind: to bring the
future of fire-fighting technology onto today’s roads.

RT Revolutionary Technology

Fewer emissions.
More safety.

The RT is based on a radical new design, making it unlike any other vehicle. It represents a milestone in firefighting technology. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the hybrid vehicle combines safety, ergonomics, functionality and digital operational support – with a strong focus on sustainability. Rescue workers, affected persons and local residents alike will appreciate this vehicle’s revolutionary technology and battery powered drive, enabling emissions-free and virtually silent operations. So the RT is setting new visionary standards in climate protection, noise control and health protection.


Easy to steer.
Hard to beat.

Reaching your destination safely.

The drive design with its low center of gravity and balanced, even axle load distribution provides important handling stability in every situation.

Reaching your destination safely

Small turning radius.

The newly developed wheel suspension facilitates a larger steering angle. This considerably reduces the turning radius, especially in an all-wheel drive system.

Small turning radius

Keeping a clear view.

Sophisticated sensor technology in the electronic mirror system combined with blind spot detectors and rear cameras provide valuable operational support for the driver.

Keeping a clear view

Digital connections.

The RT has its own communication system with autonomous Wi-Fi, drone integration and a permanent link to the operations center and EMEREC data center. This enables the direct transfer of crucial data.

Digital connections

Reaching your destination quickly.

Two electric motors with a total output of up to 360 kW (490 hp) power the RT as soon as it is started, providing an unprecedented amount of propulsion.

Reaching your destination quickly

“Green” is not his colour.
But his concept.

Safe and eco-friendly.

The climate, rescue workers and affected persons, residents and passers-by all benefit from minimised emissions and less noise pollution.

Safe and eco-friendly

Top power, zero emissions.

In addition to high torque and impressive horsepower, the RT’s electric drive system offers another major advantage on the road: zero local emissions.

Top power, zero emissions

Flexible charging.

Three-phase alternating current from industry-standard heavy current outlets can charge the RT’s batteries. DC charging stations offer minimal charging times and thus are the preferred choice if the RT is used intensively.

Charge flexibly

More operational power.

Auxiliary devices such as fans or submersible pumps can be easily powered with the RT’s batteries, turning the RT into a mobile power plant on site.

More operational power

The Energy Backup System.

This tandem module combines a state-of-the-art six-cylinder diesel engine with an electric motor as a power generator to provide an extra energy boost for longer operations. It can be used to power the RT and external devices if the batteries run low.

The range extender

Experience here,
how revolutionary things
are created.

Innovative development.
Familiar handling.

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RT Revolutionary Technology

RT Revolutionary Technology

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