RTE PX 14 Power Generator

For that moment,
when maximum
power is needed –
responsibly and clean.

UNIVERSAL DESIGN. Because fire departments have to be prepared for everything:
from fires to floods and blackouts.

RTE PX 14 Power generator

Intuitive design.
Wide range of applications.

In both the basic version and the soundproof Super Silent model, this 14 kVa-class power generator boasts a lightweight design, small dimensions, optimal handling, and superb performance. The RTE PX 14 is also extremely easy to use. This mobile power generator is dependable across the classic range of applications, but also rises to challenges in disaster control or emergency power supply for buildings with ease. Sustainability was also a top priority in the development process, so the housing of the RTE PX 14 is made of 100% aluminum.


Versatile applicable.
Reliably effective.

Effective flood action.

Submersible pumps are becoming an increasingly important tool. The RTE PX 14 powers multiple pumps with ease. More than any other tool, the Rosenbauer power generator is designed for simultaneous operation of devices with longer start-up times.

Effective flood action

Reliable emergency power supply.

The RTE PX 14 offers secure blackout prevention. With active power of around 11 kW, it can supply an entire building with electricity. The power socket ensures the ongoing operation of important consumers, such as armories.

Reliable emergency power supply

Powering technical applications.

Lighting and powering electrical tools on site is a breeze for the RTE PX 14. The Greenstar function enables the power generator to take over the supply to the emergency vehicle itself. This significantly reduces fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.

Powering technical applications

Different models.
Constant power.

RTE PX 14 Basic.

The RTE PX 14 power generator features Rosenbauer’s tried-and-tested functions, while making further advances in sustainability.

RTE PX 14 Basic

RTE PX 14 Super Silent.

Markedly quieter and with a lower stress load over periods of prolonged use thanks to the housing encapsulation and a sound-optimized exhaust system in the Super Silent version. The engine compartment is also protected from dirt.

RTE PX 14 Super Silent

RTE PX 14 – show your colors.

The RTE PX 14 Basic and the Super Silent version are both available in the standard colors red and yellow. Additionally, it can be customized in any other color on request.

RTE PX 14 – show your colors

A powerhouse in every situation,
no matter how you spin it.

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For that moment,
when you need a reliable power supply
that is sustainably strong.

Sustainability is a vital consideration in all of the company’s undertakings, including the newly developed RTE PX 14. We've checked our materials carefully and avoided any unsustainable properties. That’s why the housing is made of 100% aluminum, and the product features reliable high-end functions like the Rosenbauer control panel.
Thomas Pfatschbacher, Head of Technical Fire & Safety Equipment
Thomas Pfatschbacher, Head of Technical Fire & Safety Equipment

Made for sustainable strong performance: our power generator RTE PX 14. Learn more!

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RTE PX 14 power generator

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