Everything for the mission.
Everything for that moment.

Rosenbauer offers the complete range for every operational situation.

BOROS firefighting boots

Specially designed for firefighters to provide the best protection in challenging situations.

RTE PS 2 Power Station

Flexible, emission-free and powerful: Supplies typical firefighting consumers with self-sufficient energy.

PANTHER electric

Proven PANTHER safety and functionality meet the advantages of electric mobility.

RFC Battery extinguishing system

Delivers extinguishing water exactly where it is needed: Directly to the inside of the traction battery.

RCS Simulators

Rosenbauer simulators provide emergency crews with realistic, cost-effective, environmentally friendly and risk-free training.

RDS Connected Drones

With RDS Connected Drones, vital information on fire scenes is obtained faster and that increases the crew’s protection.

It is our pleasure to be able to offer our customers such a variety of different products. Our goal is to provide each and every person with the best possible content.
Natalie Schimpelsberger, Head of Product Marketing