CT – Compact Technology
Compact. Flexible. Stable.

As its name suggests, the CT Frame was designed to provide safe access to the most confined areas. Its high performance, small dimensions and low weight is impressive and demonstrates its advantages not only in narrow alleys, low passages or narrow mountain roads. The optimal use of space makes the CT Frame an ideal emergency vehicle for urban and rural areas. 


The CT Frame is also designed to be mounted on light chassis, which enables configurations that allow the vehicle to be driven with a C1 driver's license (up to 7.5 t). At the same time, a unique combination of modern materials, innovative joining technologies and sophisticated body structures maximizes the payload, creating plenty of space for crew and equipment. 

Small size and light weight.

One concept and several possibilities.

Equipped for any application.

CT Profile
One body, many applications.

A fire fighting vehicle with a fixed superstructure in proven Rosenbauer quality. The CT Profile is a vehicle for a wide variety of tasks. Classically, it is designed for transport tasks. In its hybrid design (CT Profile with the crew cab of the CT Frame), it also serves the requirements of a small fire truck.

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CT Frame
Less is sometimes more.

The CT Frame is a true spacious miracle, offering plenty of room in a compact design. The body is very low and narrow, which is advantageous in urban areas with narrow alleys or low clearance. In addition, the CT Frame has a low center of gravity, which gives it impressive driving stability. The body is available on a variety of chassis and in versions from 5 to 14 tons gross vehicle weight or four body widths. 

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