Portable Pumps
Light weight. Reliable. Dynamic.

More power, less weight and high reliability: The product family of the robust FOX portable pumps scores in the main disciplines and convinces with the simplest operation.  


Rosenbauer's FOX portable pump is equipped with a single-stage pump section specially developed for the use in portable pumps. In a spiral housing made of light metal, spatially curved impeller blades convert the mechanical motor power of the single-stage centrifugal pump into hydraulic power with a very efficiency. In addition to its powerful performance, the portable pump also impresses with its robust design. 

Simple operation.

In use.

Perfectly stowable in any vehicle.

Powerful pump. Easy handling.

The FOX portable pump from Rosenbauer can be transported comfortably thanks to its compact dimensions and ergonomic carrying handles and convinces with its intuitive operation and integrated lighting. In addition, removable wheels can be mounted without tools, allowing the portable sprayer to be transported by just one person instead of four. With the option to refuel the 20 L fuel tank during operation, the pump can work in non-stop mode. 

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