RFC Battery Extinguishing System
Safe. Effective. Long lasting.

Safe, efficient and fast in use: The RFC Battery extinguishing system was specially developed for extinguishing high-voltage battery fires. The battery of an electric vehicle represents a separate and new source of fire, with new challenges to emergency forces. One way to put these lithium-ion based batteries out, is to cool them on the inside. 


This is exactly where the battery extinguishing system comes into play, penetrating the battery housing with a pneumatically driven piercing nozzle. This brings the extinguishing water directly into the interior of the battery, cooling the cells within the modules and thus enabling a quick stop to the chain reaction of the continuous cells. The piercing nozzle penetrating the battery is operated from a safe distance, extinguishing it in a resource-friendly manner and reducing the spread of smoke gas. This shortens the time fire fighters spend at the scene of the hazard to a minimum. 

Control unit with enough distance from the vehicle.

Easy transport.

Allows direct cooling of the cells.

RFC Battery Extinguishing System
Innovative extinguishing.

With the RFC Battery extinguishing system, Rosenbauer provides the answer to new fire sources in electric vehicles: high-voltage battery fires. The battery extinguishing system is placed on the vehicle in less than a minute and enables direct cooling of the cells. In this process, a pneumatic piercing nozzle, triggered by an operating unit at a safe distance from the vehicle, penetrates the battery housing and transports the extinguishing water directly into the cells inside the modules. This process enables a rapid cooling effect and reduces the time spent at the hazard location and in the smoke. 

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