Sofisticated. Durable. Simple.

Intelligent design, first-class extinguishing performance and energy-independent operation: The RFC CAFS Cube S convinces as a portable compressed air foam system with compact dimensions. The system is powered by a water-driven motor and can generate wet and dry compressed air foam (DLS 200/600) as well as wetting agent or a water-foam mixture.  


The compressed-air foam system can be integrated into any fire-fighting vehicle without having to adapt anything and impresses with its ease of handling. Thanks to excellent throw distances, emergency forces can maintain a large safety distance from the fire object and even higher or inaccessible sources of fire can be fought. The excellent extinguishing effect or the extinguishing success is also clearly visible to the nozzle operator due to well adhering, white compressed air foam. When evaporating, the foam also serves as an indicator that the surface is still too hot. 


Portable system.

Extensively applicable.

Uncomplicated to operate.

The water-powered compressed air foam system.

The compact RFC CAFS Cube is mounted on a transport frame and offers first-class extinguishing performance. With standard mounting systems, the cube can be installed in existing and new firefighting vehicles or transported as a mobile compressed air foam system. At the same time, it is extremely easy to maintain, reliable, and quiet and emission-free due to the absence of electrical systems or fuel-powered engines. 

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Further CAFS Systems
by Rosenbauer.

Thanks to their powerful CAFS extinguishing technology, ease of use and safe application, Rosenbauer's compressed air foam systems are the extinguishing system for universal firefighting. The versatile product range holds a suitable solution for every conceivable requirement, with which both small municipal firefighting vehicles and large industrial firefighting vehicles can be equipped. 

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