CAFS extinguishing systems
Efficient. Sustainable. Variable.

When plastics, solvents or wood and paper burn, water alone is not effective enough. For these types of fire, foam extinguishing systems with a broad extinguishing effect have proven most successful. This is because of two effects: the separating and suffocating effect as well as the cooling effect. 


CAFS extinguishing systems have a superior foam stability and are easy to retrofit. The compressed air foam separates the burning material from the surrounding atmosphere as a shaving-foam-like blanket and suffocates the fire. As the foam decomposes, it creates tiny water droplets that absorb heat and evaporate, thereby removing energy from the fire and cooling it. The extinguishing system can also be designed as an energy-autonomous system (POLY) which then does not require motors, pumps or compressors. 

Broad extinguishing effect for special fires.

Highest extinguishing performance through compressed air foam.

Energy-self-sufficient RPC POLY extingushing system.

Protecting people, buildings and machinery.

The RPE CAFS extinguishing system has a broad extinguishing effect on fire types such as solvents or paper. The extinguishing system is driven by compressed air stored in cylinders and is therefore energy autonomous. The shaving-foam-like consistency of CAFS foam has particularly good adhesion to hot surfaces - even vertically - and leads to rapid smothering of the flames. 

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