Gas Extinguishing Systems
Residue-free. Environmentally friendly. Safe.

If a fire breaks out in an IT, server or other electrical control room, damage to the objects to be protected must be avoided. Cultural assets in museums or libraries also require special protection. Although extinguishing with water, foam or powder is an option in these areas, it is not advantageous. 


For this, gas extinguishing systems offer optimal protection as well as extinguishing success. These extinguishing systems operate with inert gases that are colorless, non-electrically conductive and completely residue-free. When the system is activated, the extinguishing gas emerges from the nozzles under high pressure and is distributed throughout the room within seconds. The extinguishing process starts after a warning time has elapsed in order to evacuate people from the danger zone. The oxygen is displaced from the room and the fire is extinguished quickly and effectively. Depending on the specific application, the Rosenbauer portfolio offers carbon dioxide-, nitrogen-, argon- and Novec-extinguishing systems. One of the main advantages is the easy procurement of extinguishing gases: they are inexpensive, manufacturer-neutral and available worldwide. 

Extinguishing system with excellent environmental balance.

Rapid continuation of operation after the extinguishing process.

Rosenbauer has the VdS installer approval for CO2 and N2 extinguishing systems

Optimum protection for sensitive goods.

Rosenbauer's RPE Gas extinguishing system is used where water, foam or powder would cause considerable damage to the objects to be protected. When activated, the extinguishing gas distributes itself evenly in the room within seconds, displacing oxygen and achieving rapid extinguishing results without causing damage.

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