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A subject that is often underestimated: fire protection in commercial kitchens. Sources of danger such as boiling fat, hot stove or grill plates as well as a lot of staff and a stressful everyday life increase the risk of a grease fire in the kitchen. A moment of inattention is often enough for fats and oils to ignite by themselves in a hot pan or deep fryer.


The ANSUL fire extinguishing system offers a complete turnkey solution for the safety of staff and kitchen equipment. In the event of a fire, the system switches off all associated kitchen appliances and sprays the extinguishing agent through special nozzles onto the source of the fire and the adjacent exhaust air hoods and ducts. The extinguishing effect is based on a reaction of the extinguishing agent with the burning fat, which leads to foam formation. This prevents the supply of oxygen, is hygienically harmless and can be removed without leaving any residue with a damp cloth. In this way, business interruptions and the resulting financial losses can be reduced to a minimum.

Rosenbauer has VdS installer approval for extinguishing systems for the protection of kitchen equipment.

Extinguishing systems for commercial kitchens

With the kitchen protection system RPE Kitchen, Rosenbauer offers an individual and turnkey complete solution specifically for the protection of people and kitchen equipment. The extinguishing system can be used universally and is easy to install – even afterwards. The extinguishing agent used, which is harmless to health, can be wiped away after use and the kitchen can continue to function as usual.

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