Disinfection bridge RPS AeroGate
Gentle. Effective. Versatile.

The outbreak of the Covid pandemic has reminded us that large crowds are easy game for viruses. The risk of getting infected with a transmissible disease is particularly high at airports, trade fairs, stadiums, hospitals, schools or shopping malls. Here, the most common mode of transmission is droplet infection, where droplets settle on surfaces such as the skin or clothing, which can also lead to transmissible smear infection. 


Rosenbauer's RPS AeroGate reduces the risk of infection within seconds. The low-maintenance disinfection bridge acts like a glass passageway, enriching the air inside with a health-compatible, biological agent through finely atomizing nozzles at potential infection hotspots. The emitted aerosols deactivate the pathogens on skin, hair, clothing and surfaces completely unnoticed and ensure greater health and hygiene in public spaces. 

Natural mode of action as with hand washing.

Disinfection exactly where it makes sense.

RPS AeroGate
Unnoticeably active. Remarkably effective.

Rosenbauer's RPS AeroGate was developed to gently disinfect surfaces to reduce the risk of infection. The air in the disinfection bridge is enriched with a health-compatible, biological active ingredient, which is ejected through finely atomizing nozzles. In the process, the low-maintenance RPS AeroGate requires only electricity as well as disinfectant and an annual inspection. 

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