RTE Robot
Multifunctional. Innovative. Compact.

Safe and effective: With the remote-controlled RTE Robot, firefighting operations reach a new level of safety. The innovative robot significantly reduces operational risks for the crew because it can be deployed wherever it is too dangerous for humans. In addition, the Connected Fleet opens up the world of Rosenbauer Digital Solutions to it. 


The multifunctional robot also relieves emergency forces in logistics tasks through transporting heavy equipment and accessories over long distances by remote control. In addition, the multifunctional device can be deployed to lay hose lines, become a firefighting robot with a mounted launcher, and can be used as a recovery vehicle or equipped with cameras for situation reconnaissance. Together with its compact dimensions, the RTE Robot is an indispensable aid for all emergency responder organizations. 

Flexible design.

Quickly ready for use.

Intuitive control.

RTE Robot
The multifunctional robot.

Compact dimensions, high payload and unique modularity: Rosenbauer's RTE Robot was developed to support emergency forces as a new type of assistance system. A unique interchangeable system for the superstructures enables fast response to different requirements in operations and maximum safety for the crew. This makes everything possible, from firefighting to support in heavy logistics tasks to recovery operations. The robot and payload are controlled simply and intuitively via remote control. 

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